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Is the Z10 BlackBerry’s great savior? It might be, but who wants to know?

4/18/2013 So after a long period of development for the company that was RIM, BlackBerry finally released their new BlackBerry 10 operating system in January. With the unveiling of the new operating system, BlackBerry announced that there would initially be two new smartphones: the Z10 and the Q10. The Z10 released at the end of March and I was able to get my hands on the smartphone that most believe is BlackBerry’s last shot. And with that, I do indeed hope BlackBerry 10 succeeds.

Before I got my HTC Windows Phone 8X, I had a BlackBerry Curve 3G for about two years (my first smartphone). The old BlackBerry always met my needs of texting and emailing efficiently, but it never opened my eyes to all the other capabilities of smartphones. For the old Curve, I never really utilized mobile internet, apps or even a touch screen. For the new BlackBerry Z10, at least all what BlackBerry lacked in previous models has been addressed to an extent. The smartphone runs cleanly and even the mobile internet operates robustly. The Z10 has an all new sleek interface fairly similar to Android or iOS, however it has some neat features that do set it apart from the rest of the pack:
  • BlackBerry 10 has some refreshing features that make the operating system easy and fun to use, such as flick texting and BlackBerry Hub.
  • The soft, grippy back of the Z10 made the device pleasant to handle.
  • Interface is a great OS for multi-tasking.

Even though BlackBerry got a lot of things right with the Z10, there is still several issues. BlackBerry 10 still needs a much larger app library to compete with Android or iOS. The new operating system also needs better usability; even though I may appreciate certain parts of it being complex that does not mean others feel the same. Also along those lines, BlackBerry 10 has a higher learning curve than other operating systems and some of the functions are difficult to get used to.

Overall the Z10 is a refreshingly neat new product from BlackBerry; however they are going to need quite a bit more to secure their place again in the smartphone world. BlackBerry is really going to need to work harder to let consumers know what the new operating system is all about. According to a new survey, only 17% of U.S. consumers even know that the Z10 is currently available! This may be a solid step for BlackBerry, but they still have a lot of work ahead of them. For information on the complete specs, check out BlackBerry Z10.

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