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Celebrating Mobile Moms


Is your mom a smartphone-wielding, picture-snapping, Facebook-posting, worldwide-wireless-whiz? Yeah? Then you’ve got a Mobile Mom and this Mother’s Day we’ve got just the thing that’ll send her texting thumbs a-tappin.

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Covering More Ground


Thanks to one of our most recent efforts, one Ann Arbor, MI publication is getting smarter about their business.

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Basketball & Bumblers


Florida and Wisconsin weren’t the only ones dropping the ball at the Final Four; their fans are even clumsier.

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ProtectCELL Reviewed in Wired


Well, someone made an impression at CES. Our presence and blender stunting did not go unnoticed...

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The recent breach of the Snapchat user database has once again brought the importance of mobile device security to the forefront. While advertisers like McDonald’s continue to jump on board the popular photo messaging app (nice cardigan, Lebron), the threat still looms.

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Dream Wheelers – ProtectCELL’s Winter Sales Contest


ProtectCELL and Will Renner are making dreams come true.

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ProtectCELL’s Bryan Finnerty and US News & World Report Discuss Extended Warranties


A recent article posted to the US News & World Report website Personal Finance page asked ProtectCELL Co-Founder, Bryan Finnerty, whether or not consumers should buy protection for their mobile devices. T

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Mobile identity theft a growing threat - Infographic


The mobile trend continues to grow - and so do reports of identity theft.

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Yahoo’s Digital Crave says kids’ devices need ProtectCELL


It’s nice to learn that other folks get excited about ProtectCELL plans. We’re thrilled that wise minds behind Digital Crave, a Yahoo Shopping blog, saw fit to include us in a recent posting, “Great deals on cool gadgets for kids.”

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No-Shave November


One of the great things about working at ProtectCELL is that we get to do good work and work for good at the same time. We know we can make our community a better place for everyone. It’s all part of our ongoing Mission 3.2.1 activities and goes to show how we can help improve life and the community while having fun.

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Top 10 Mobile Safety Tips For Kids


With their kids back in school for another year, many parents are worrying about more than just making lunches, helping with homework and figuring out who's going to drive their little ones to various after-school activities. More school-age people now have smartphones to call their own - in fact, the figures come in around 22 percent of 6- to 9-year-olds and 60 percent of 10- to 14-year-olds. Because of this, it makes sense that mothers and fathers are also increasingly concerned about how to make sure their children aren't finding themselves in sticky situations related to the technology.

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A Little Mind Reading, A Big Prize for YOU


Thanks for stopping by ProtectCELL’s blog. Today I’m going to dazzle you with my mindreading skills and, for one lucky reader, make your day with one heck of a prize.

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America Is Naked Without Its Cellphone


Today, Americans use their mobile devices for everthing from email to driving directions.  Find out just how reliant we have become.

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Is the Z10 BlackBerry’s great savior? It might be, but who wants to know?


So after a long period of development for the company that was RIM, BlackBerry finally released their new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

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Wireless Weekly News - 3/24


This week Tom gives you the best apps to watch your bracket during the March Madness and news on the just release BlackBerry 10 and updated app store.

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Wireless Weekly News - 3/18


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is unveiling and we give you our 10 great apps for all dog owners

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Wireless Weekly News - 3/10


They dominate the market now, but the Galaxy and iPhone line are already planning new models

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The “Get Recharged” Social Media Contest


How would you like to win a new Apple Lightning charger? Well now you have the chance to with ProtectCELL!

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Wireless Weekly News - 2/16


Samsung is still evolving the Galaxy lineup and a 90's game is now available on Android

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Windows Phone 8: Refreshingly Different


When I tell people I got a new phone, most ask if I got an iPhone. However, when I tell them I got a Windows Phone, it pleases me to hear intrigue rather than confusion from the questioners.

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