Broken cell phone or tablet? No worries! With ProtectCELL DEVICE, we’ll get you another device fast, no matter how you damaged it. Plan includes ProtectCELL BUYBACK™, which pays you up to 50% of average retail value for your device within 12 months of purchase and up to 25% within 13-24 months of purchase.

Physical Phone Damage Physical Damage

Screen Cracks & Body Whacks

Liquid Phone Damage Liquid Damage

Drips, Spills, Splashes & Utter Submersions

Mechanical Failure Mechanical Failure

Power Surges & Meltdowns

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  • Back up your contacts
  • Locate a missing device
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"My ProtectCELL plan gives me great peace of mind to know that if something does happen, I can count on being covered.  " - Rhaury

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What’s the difference between plans? Which plan is right for me?
What’s the difference between you and your sister or cousin or friend? No two people are alike. Same goes for our plans. Each ProtectCELL plan provides different types of protection. Some plans protect your device against physical damage. Some protect your personal information. Some even protect your identity. And one of the plans protects all the above. The following plan chart breaks it down for you. Choose… but choose wisely.
How much do ProtectCELL DEVICE plans cost?
Premium Devices
2 Year plan - $119.99
1 Year plan - $79.99
2 Year plan - $99.99
1 Year plan - $69.99
Standard Devices
2 Year plan - $59.99
1 Year plan - $39.99
Isn't my device covered by the manufacturer's warranty?
Manufacturers’ warranties do not protect against damage. (Ever try to return a phone you dropped in the bathtub? Errrrrr. So sorry Mr. Jones, perhaps if you tried extracting the moisture by burying your phone in a sack of rice?) They don’t protect against disappearance either. (“I’d like to return my phone.” “Where is it?” “I don’t’ have it.” This usually doesn’t end well.) A warranty basically covers “defects in manufacturing”, and even that is good for only 12 months.
Aren’t these plans expensive? Isn’t my carrier’s plan better?
Expensive? Ever think about what the full retail cost would be to replace your lost or damaged device? That’s much more than the price of a plan. Check it out yourself— find out what the retail price of your device is when you’re not buying a contract. You can also try one of our insurance company competitors instead, but their payment plans can’t touch us. They also impose those pesky deductibles. You won’t get any preset device request limits with ProtectCELL either. Actually, this is pretty affordable when you think about it. What’s more, if you have our ProtectCELL BUYBACK™ plan, you’ll get money back for your device that’ll help fund your next purchase. Shop at our online Rewards Mall, and you can pay for your plan with the money you save in no time.
Can't I just buy another device on that auction site?
You could, if you’re the sort of person who likes to dance around naked and blindfolded on a wet marble floor holding scissors in one hand and a live bulb-less light socket in the other… Don’t do it! You never know what you’re going to catch from those sites—in terms of quality or price, that is. ProtectCELL offers you certified devices, and those too will be protected under your plan.
I’m a responsible person—do I really need it? Isn’t insurance a scam?
Okay, so you’re not running around naked with scissors in your hands… And you may not have needed protection in the past. But here are the cold hard facts: over 30% of devices (about 1 in 3) get damaged and even more get lost or stolen. Today's smart devices don’t come cheap, especially when purchased without a new contract. As for our business ethics, ProtectCELL will never hit you with any of those “A-ha! Gotchya!” hidden catches, exclusions or loopholes cleverly disguised in footnoted fine print at the bottom of an obscure document suspiciously titled—“Miscellaneous”.
What do I do if something bad does happen to my device?
How simple is this? Just call our toll free number or start a request online. Get the appropriate administration fee to us, and your device will be on its way to you. 98% of our devices are shipped within one business day after the request has been approved. Once you get your device, make sure you send us your broken equipment in the return envelope we’ll provide you with so we can make sure it gets recycled or disposed of properly.

Admin. Fees
Premium Devices
1st Admin Fee- $150
2nd Admin Fee - $200
1st Admin Fee- $125
2nd Admin Fee - $150
Standard Devices
1st Admin Fee- $50
2nd Admin Fee - $80

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