It took you years to figure out who you are but just a few moments for someone else to steal your identity. With ProtectCELL DATA, a LifeLock® specialist quickly works to restore your identity. You’ll also have access to SafeStore be able to back up contacts, texts, pictures and music. Plus, remotely locate, lock and erase your device.

Recover a stolen identity

  • Dedicated Resolution Specialist
  • Investigations and Damage Remediation
  • ID Theft Support Powered by LifeLock

Cloud backup and family security

  • 50 GB to back up your contacts, texts, events, photos…
  • Locate, lock and erase a missing device
  • Malware protection, safe zones and device location tracking
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"My ProtectCELL plan gives me great peace of mind to know that if something does happen, I can count on being covered.  " - Rhaury

Accredited Business Gold 2013 Stevie Winner


What’s the difference between plans? Which plan is right for me?
What’s the difference between you and your sister or cousin or friend? No two people are alike. Same goes for our plans. Each ProtectCELL plan provides different types of protection. Some plans protect your device against physical damage. Some protect your personal information. Some even protect your identity. And one of the plans protects all the above. The following plan chart breaks it down for you. Choose… but choose wisely.
How much do ProtectCELL DATA plans cost?
All Supported Devices
2 Year plan - $49.99
1 Year plan - $29.99
Why do I need ProtectCELL DATA?
Industry research shows that identity theft among smartphone owners is a real threat. Especially if you shop or bank online, store pictures and contacts on your cell phone or engage in social networking and surf the Internet via public Wi-Fi. ProtectCELL DATA can help keep your personal information safe and help keep your family's devices secure.
Why choose ProtectCELL DATA?
We love this question, and we think you’ll love our answer. For starters, there’s really nothing like ProtectCELL DATA out there. That’s because it combines data and identity protection along with our SafeStore cloud backup. So, how is it that we provide so much more? Easy. We’re always partnering with industry leaders like LifeLock to bring you innovative and valuable services. We’ve sold over 2,000,000 plans, and our customers are extremely satisfied.


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