Have you ever not been able to find your cell phone? It’s a moment of sheer panic. Because when your cell phone goes missing so does a lot of personal information. That’s why we offer ProtectCELL CLOUD mobile security. They give you incredible peace of mind knowing your valuable data is safe. Protect your personal data and privacy with ProtectCELL CLOUD.

Keep your data safe

  • Back up your contacts, texts, events, photos…
  • Locate and lock your device
  • Erase your personal info if necessary

Save Money

  • Online Rewards Mall shopping deals
  • Earn Rewards Points to use for purchases
  • Use the money saved to pay for your plan
Get Started!

"My ProtectCELL plan gives me great peace of mind to know that if something does happen, I can count on being covered.  " - Rhaury

Accredited Business Gold 2013 Stevie Winner


What protection plans does ProtectCELL Offer?
What’s the difference between you and your sister or cousin or friend? No two people are alike. Same goes for our plans. Each ProtectCELL plan provides different types of protection. Some plans protect your device against physical damage. Some protect your personal information. Some even protect your identity. And one of the plans protects all the above. The following plan chart breaks it down for you. Choose… but choose wisely.
How much do ProtectCELL CLOUD plans cost?
All Supported Devices
2 Year plan - $49.99
1 Year plan - $29.99
Is my device ProtectCELL CLOUD compatible?
ProtectCELL CLOUD is compatible with most Android, iPhone and BlackBerry models. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with standard phones or Windows Mobile.
How do I download the apps?
1. After you active the benefit on protectcell.com, you will receive text messages with links to the ProtectCELL Locate™ and ProtectCELL Backup™ apps.
2. Download and install both apps.
3. Open the ProtectCELL Backup app.
4. Select the item you wish to back up. After backup is complete, a confirmation message will be displayed.
5. Open the ProtectCELL Locate app.
6. Select the green check mark indicating you would like to utilize the Locate functionality.

More in-depth details will be emailed to you after purchasing the service.


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