How soon am I eligible for BUYBACK?
You become eligible for the BUYBACK option 30 days after the date you purchased the BUYBACK plan.

Is BUYBACK valid on my renewal plan?
BUYBACK is not offered on ProtectCELL renewal plans.

The name on my plan differs from my own…does that matter?
Yes. The check will only be sent in the plan holder’s name.

My phone was replaced under warranty through the carrier. Am I still eligible for the BUYBACK option?
Yes. However, a receipt for the exchange of the device may be requested. Please contact your carrier for a copy of the exchange receipt.

Can I sell ProtectCELL other devices that don’t have a ProtectCELL BUYBACK plan associated with?
Unfortunately, we only purchase from you the device originally associated with your BUYBACK plan. However, we will recycle any devices you ship to us for disposal.

Can I sell back my ProtectCELL replacement device via BUYBACK?
No. A replacement device issued by ProtectCELL is not eligible for the BUYBACK option.


How long does the BUYBACK process take?
It usually only takes two to five weeks from the time you make the BUYBACK request to receive your check.

Will ProtectCELL honor the first-year BUYBACK price if my request for BUYBACK is submitted on the last day of the first year?
Yes. As long as BUYBACK has been requested before the end of the first year, ProtectCELL will honor the first-year BUYBACK price.

I submitted a request for BUYBACK during the first year but did not respond to the offer, and the offer and label have expired. I am now in the second-year period. Do I get first-year or second-year pricing if I renew my request?
At this point, the device would fall under second-year pricing.

Can the BUYBACK process be completed via USPS (snail mail)?
Yes it can. However, it does take much longer to complete due to mail delivery timeframes. That’s why we prefer email, to get you through the BUYBACK process as quickly as possible.

Is my plan cancelled after I use the BUYBACK option and receive my check?
No, your plan is not cancelled after you complete a BUYBACK request However, since you only get one BUYBACK option per plan, you will no longer have an available BUYBACK option on this plan.


Special note for iPhone owners: If you’re using iOS7, in order to qualify for your BUYBACK request, you MUST deactivate the “Find my iPhone” feature before shipment. Click here for instructions.

What does ProtectCELL look for during a BUYBACK inspection?
When a device comes in for BUYBACK inspection, its functionality and cosmetic condition are evaluated. Functionality evaluation includes testing the microphone, ear piece, display, buttons, and other standard operating features. The device is also visually inspected for cosmetic damage that may impair the functionality of the device. Normal wear and tear like minor scratches and dents that do not affect functionality will not negatively affect your BUYBACK price.

My device is rooted/jail broken. Can I still sell it back?
If our inspection reveals that your device has been altered to permit root access to the operating system, ProtectCELL reserves the right to exclude any jailbroken device from eligibility for the Buyback Plan Option.

Why was my BUYBACK request denied?
There are many reasons why a BUYBACK request is denied:

  • Your plan is inactive.
  • You bought your ProtectCELL BUYBACK plan prior to November 23, 2011, the date that ProtectCELL began offering BUYBACK.
  • ProtectCELL BUYBACK was not assigned to this device.
  • A device replacement or BUYBACK request has already been fulfilled on your plan.
  • Your request was filed within the first 30 days of the plan purchase date.
  • You have an iPhone running iOS7 and forgot to deactivate the "Find My iPhone" feature. As previously instructed, if "Find My iPhone"is still activated, your phone is unusable to anyone else, and therefore ineligible for BUYBACK. Please deactivate to become eligible for this feature. Click here for instructions.


What is “first-year pricing” and “second-year pricing”?
First-year pricing is in effect 31 days after the plan purchase date and continues for 12 consecutive months. Second-year pricing begins 13 months after the plan purchase date and continues for 12 consecutive months. For example, a device associated with a plan purchased on 1/1/2013 would be eligible for first-year pricing until 1/31/2013. On 2/1/2013, the device on that plan would be eligible for second-year pricing.

How is “retail price” for the BUYBACK offer calculation determined?
The retail price used to calculate your BUYBACK offer is based on the national average and is not necessarily the same as local retail prices in your area for the same or similar devices.

Why can’t I get a quote over the phone?
The BUYBACK offer depends upon the results of the functionality and visual inspection, so we cannot provide quotes by phone.
The store rep said my device was worth $XXX. Why am I being offered less than that?
The retail price used to calculate your BUYBACK offer is based on the national average and is not necessarily the same as local retail prices in your area for the same or similar devices. Also, the final BUYBACK offer amount may be reduced after an inspection of the device due to functionality and/or cosmetic defects.


I did not receive my offer letter or shipping label. How do I get another one sent?
After submitting a request for BUYBACK, you will receive a response from us within two business days. If your device is eligible for BUYBACK, you will receive two emails: One from ProtectCELL with a BUYBACK offer amount, and the other from FEDEX. The email from FEDEX will include the shipping label you will use to send your device to us. Please add buyback@protectcell.com as a trusted email address to be sure you receive the BUYBACK offer email from us. If you do not see either of these two emails, check your email spam folder before you contact us for assistance at 877.368.6365.

I received the offer letter and shipping label. How long are they good for?
Each offer letter includes an expiration date for the offer amount. The shipping label and offer letter are generally available for 30 days from the date they are issued.

My shipping label has expired. How do I get a new one?
If your FEDEX shipping label has expired or if you are having trouble opening the label, please contact ProtectCELL at 877.368.6365 or email us at buyback@protectcell.com to have another label sent.