Nobody gives it away when you buy it, so why should you give it away when you sell it back? ProtectCELL BUYBACK will pay you up to 50% of your existing phone’s average retail value within 12 months of purchase and up to 25% within 13-24 months of purchase! Which means, suddenly, the coolest new device doesn’t seem so expensive after all. Because your trade-in can offset the sticker price and put the latest and greatest in your hands for a lot less. Did you hear that? Yes, “cha-ching” is definitely in the air.

Upgrade when you want

  • Device value protection
  • Up to 50% device buyback in the first 12 months
  • Up to 25% device buyback in months 13-24

Get ProtectCELL Basic™ FREE

  • Back up your contacts
  • Locate a missing device
  • Lock & erase a phone thats in the wrong hands
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"My ProtectCELL plan gives me great peace of mind to know that if something does happen, I can count on being covered.  " - Rhaury

Accredited Business Gold 2013 Stevie Winner


What protection plans does ProtectCELL Offer?
What’s the difference between you and your sister or cousin or friend? No two people are alike. Same goes for our plans. Each ProtectCELL plan provides different types of protection. Some plans protect your device against physical damage. Some protect your personal information. Some even protect your identity. And one of the plans protects all the above. The following plan chart breaks it down for you. Choose… but choose wisely.
How much do ProtectCELL BUYBACK™ plans cost?
All Supported Devices
2 Year plan - $49.99
Why do I need ProtectCELL BUYBACK?
Given the fast pace of technological advancements in today’s mobile industry, the newest cell phone is always just around the corner. And ProtectCELL BUYBACK lets you enjoy a new phone before it’s old news without losing your entire investment.


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