What is ProtectCELL's CTX?

  • A revolutionary new data transfer application for mobile devices
  • A simple tool that – via a standard WiFi network  securely and privately transfers contacts, images, and videos between any combination of iOS and Android devices
  • A way to dedicate more time to serving your customer and concentrating on the business at hand, rather than be distracted by traditional data transfer hardware

How Does CTX Work?

How Will CTX Improve My Business?

  • Enterprise license agreement/No hidden costs
  • No machines taking up valuable counter space in store
  • Easy to implement – Intuitive UI
  • Management information – Online data transfer reporting dashboard by store
  • Run multiple transfers simultaneously
  • Matching paired devices with easy, recognizable color codes
  • No security risk
  • No OS or OEM catch up; instant updates on OS
  • No time delays related to new cables or patches for new devices